There are many organisations which offer extracurricular/private coaching. This represents an important part of the Dutch education system. The Huiswerkbegeleiding.nl (homework assistance) website puts you in touch with study coaches in your area who can offer extra coaching for your son/daughter.

In addition to homework institutes (huiswerkinstituten), specialised in improving the attitude towards studying, the learning to plan, applying a structure and tackling/learning to deal with study problems, there are also coaching teachers (bijlesdocenten) who can assist with a specific subject. The following information explains the gist of how to search within the Dutch website. Most homework institutes and coaching teachers are perfectly equipped to deal with international students.

1. Searching

Use one of the two search entries on the homepage, which are shown below. Left to search for a homework institute in your area, right to search for a coaching teacher in a specific subject.

Bilingual search form preview

2. Selecting

You can select your homework institutes on Specialisation, like ADHD or Remedial Teaching. If this icon bilingual icon is displayed with a homework institute, then it will definitely offer bilingual coaching and have experience with international students. When searching for coaching teachers, you can indicate which (secondary school) subject you need coaching for.

3. Contact

Once you have selected a homework institute or coaching teacher, you can click here and a more detailed page will appear. You can contact the institute yourself by calling, emailing, or by completing the contact form, which will allow the institute/coaching teacher to contact you.

Bilingual contact form preview

Should you need a little further assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via info@huiswerkbegeleiding.nl


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